Congratulations, you’ve found my blog. So who the heck am I?

I’m Jason. I’m something of an artist, poet, software developer, designer and paper crane folding extraordinaire. I’m also an FTM, the topic of which will be the primary focus of this blog.

If you find me as interesting as I find myself uninteresting, stick around and read. If you’re lucky, sometimes I’ve been known to have a sense of humour.

If you’re really lucky, I’ve also been known to crack out a comic or a joke every once in a while.

Contacting me: You may email me at jsavoye(at)gmail.com. Rarely, though occasionally, I can be observed hanging around on Skype, or on AIM as geekbynature.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. yeah! i’m so glad i have the correct address to your blog now. i’m so proud of you and your courage and bravery to get to know and trust yourself. to document your journey. and your wit and insight (although i don’t know the marvin k. moony reference…you’ll have to fill me in). you rock, sherry

  2. I’m so freakin happy right now I could burst into song! Hey Jason, it’s Sarah N. I miss the heck out of you and was thrilled when Sherry told me about your blog. I’m so excited for you and love reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing and know that I’m cheering you on! I’m definately game for arm wrestling next time we meet. Drop me a line if you are compelled to do so.

  3. Ooh i found another paper crane folder! Hi nice to meet you

  4. Have a nice day !

  5. Wonderful blog about your top surgery experience, especially. I am going through it now and wanted up-close images of week by week to see how someone healed, so I have something to currently gauge myself by, although I suffered a really bad allergic reaction which has caused some minor complications (mostly discomfort). Gorgeous chest and great blog. I envy your flat tummy! Cheers.

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