1 month, 2 days post-op


The healing process has taken a tremendous leap in the past week, physically as well as in regards to capability. Although I have yet to gain back any of the weight lost prior and during surgery, my strength and muscle mass has been slowly returning.

After believing to be witness to minor changes after four days of use of the small Kelo-Cote sample provided by Dr. Brownstein, I was encouraged to purchase a larger quantity as the recommended usage is three months. As a majority of sizes are intended for smaller scars of 4-6 inches, my 12 inches of scarring required purchasing the largest tube available, which although retailing at a costly $130, so far seems to be well worth the expenditure. Although much effect cannot be observed, there has been a definite immediate decrease in the striking colour.

The ends of several small, translucent sutures can still be felt on the right side, at the very end of the incision where I assume the knot must be. Although both sides have flattened considerably, there is a concerning grey color to the inch-long vertical section of scar under my arm. It is slightly painful, but I surmise the reason may simply be the sutures taking their time dissolving; and not, I hope, a developing infection.

I have also, somewhat on accident after intending its purpose to be for the scars, begun applying a thin solution of vitamin E oil to my stretch marks; which, after a little under a week, have to my utter astonishment disappeared nearly entirely. While I cannot be truly certain whether this is my body itself healing or cause of the vitamin E, nonetheless I find a new faith and no desire to discontinue the treatment.

The grafts are healing well; the left one still remaining a bit raised, in addition to the strangest occurrence of dryness; almost as though the thing is suffering the peeling aftermath of a sunburn. While it is neither painful nor harmful to its appearance, as well as that there can not be any evidence of such a thing found anywhere else on my body, its presence perplexes me.

Reaching, lifting and general movement reaches a new milestone day by day. Directly following the removal of the binder, the area of my breast between the incisions measured roughly 3/4 of an inch and was extremely tight, so much so that I could feel its tautness under my fingertips. In the month to follow the skin has relaxed considerably, to the point that it now measures nearly 1.25 inches. Other areas having relaxed as well, I find that moving my arms no longer tugs on the incisions as it once did; the tissue is beginning to move as it should normally. I find that I am also capable of lifting most objects under 40lbs without pain, whereas even this past week my range was limited to 30lbs; and immediately after my return to work, was barely 20lbs. I am able to raise my arms entirely vertical above my head, although the last inch or so to straighten out pulls slightly.

My bodily hair, strangely, seems to be growing at an exceedingly fast rate of late. Not only has my beard appeared to grow twice as fast and thick since our return from San Francisco, I find that the dark hair on my stomach and chest has been multiplying daily. I had noticed an increase in hair growth during the week in California, but had expected it to cease immediately upon return to my own hot, dry, high-altitude climate; which leads me to ponder whether the removal of breast tissue might have anything to do with my testosterone level. Though it is obvious that a small line of hair was shaved near the incision site, it has already grown back in full form and there remains only a small area between belly and breast that is hairless. This belief is further accentuated in my mind as an acne outbreak on my chest is to be observed; which, oddly, was a very distinct and recurring bother at the onset of female puberty, seeming to worsen near the beginning of my cycles.

Incidentally, a visit from a 30-year friend of my mother’s took place several days past, which although he was aware of the change, had not seen me for three years at least. His first comment after introduction: “Nice beard.”

“Thank you,” I said. “I grew it myself!”

The site today, one month.

Sort of sickly lighting; also, it looks like I have one arm.

A pose. The scarring on my arm is a remnant of adolescence, and, obviously (one might hope?), not an effect of the surgery.

Slightly different angle, more from the front.


~ by geekbynature on July 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “1 month, 2 days post-op”

  1. Dude, I’m starting to get hair on my chest after surgery too. My gf pointed it out to me the other night lol. I wonder if surgery had anything to do with that

  2. hey man,

    nice pics. you are looking awesome!

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