3 weeks, 2 days post-op


Today, I experience my first continuous 48 hours in six years without a binder. I have worn it intermittently during the night for the past week, but as it is now possible to sleep on my stomach without discomfort, the support is no longer needed.

The nipples have healed almost completely, though still without any sign of sensation returning. The areolae are very raised, but appear to be acquiring a pleasingly elliptical shape instead of the initial oblong oval.

While still sore, I find that I am capable, albeit slow, of a great deal of previous activities, the scope of which continues to expand day by day. Raising my arm to the height required of hanging it out the car window is not longer painful, although any object above my head is still difficult to reach. I am becoming accustomed to the appearance of the scars; yet, the more they heal, the more prominent I find my natural bodily oddities to be.

“I have never heard of such a thing happening before.” My mother traces her finger along the angled scars near the base of each incision in relative awe; like claw marks, they stand out brilliantly against the taught skin. “I never had stretch marks on my breasts when I went through puberty.”

“Well,” I say, with the intention of continuing a half-hearted explanation; there is nothing to say. I had been aware of the stretched skin along the inner side of my breasts since their inception into my life, but perhaps somehow had hoped that they would be removed along with the better portion of the tissue. They have not.

“They’re really the worst part,” she says, attempting to ease my opinion of the scarring.

Ironically, it is this that causes the revulsion now; that spurs a new obsession with hiding my chest. While I had been nervous yet eager to show family and friends initially, I no longer harbour any desire to display the results of the surgery, even to those who ask in curiosity.

The battle is never-ending.

At three weeks.

With the flash on, slightly from the side.

The left nipple.

The right nipple.


~ by geekbynature on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “3 weeks, 2 days post-op”

  1. Your results look very good! The scarring will fade. Are you doing any scar treatment? I’ve been using a combination of cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel, vitamin E, and castor oil for over a year (through initial surgery and revision.) Silicone is another good option. Stretch marks can also be eased with olive oil. Time will help heal.

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