Day 16 post-op


After 48 hours of air and activity — as well as my slow acclimation to them — the incisions have, at a great relief to my peace of mind, improved slightly and even begun to flatten. Some of the swelling, I believe, is actually due to the dissolving sutures, which can be observed to lessen day by day. The end of the incision on the right remains raised and slightly pinched, and a small protrusion of clear thread can be seen from the tip; while the left, devoid of noticeable stitches, has relaxed and flattened. While still striking, the appearance is not as ghastly as it seemed upon first revelation.

The areolae, as well, have healed with increasingly considerable speed in these past days. Nearly all of the scabbing has fallen off; and though the nipples themselves remain numb to the touch, the tissue underneath appears to be regaining feeling. I have noticed a distinctly odd sensation of late, being that when I happen to drink cold liquids, in addition to the coolness felt as it travels down my throat, I am also acutely aware of the chill in my nipples. My only explanation would be that of the damaged nerves attempting to both recuperate and distinguish where on my body they actually are, given the large number of them now missing or rearranged. While not, perhaps, as strange the amputee who subsequently experienced his orgasm in his missing foot, it is nonetheless a fairly unexpected sensation.

There was a singular black stitch remaining at the top of the left areola this morning, with which I was not quite sure what to do; I resolved to leave it alone, and I find after the course of the day that it appears to have fallen out on its own.

The most obvious obstacle has been a constant fatigue. My range of motion is still rather limited; while only a dull soreness is felt throughout the day, I have discovered several activities that produce a sharp pain: including uncapping or capping pens, hanging my arm out the car window, hiccuping and the precise reaching angle of using the drive-up ATM. Arching my back, however, an impossible feat for the past two weeks, has been accomplished only in the past day with no pain at all.

A great deal, I realize now, of my initial reaction to the scars was the surrounding tissue — spotted with marks every few centimeters to estimate the location of a stitch and outlined with a muddled dirty substance, dark pink further accentuated by a contrast of colour. Following my shower tonight, during which I made attempt to scrub the area surrounding the incisions as much as sensitivity would allow, I find that it appears much cleaner and certainly less horrific.

My body itself, as well, is recovering. Partly, I am sure, due to the lack of food and extremely limited movement throughout the first days of the surgery, I found that I have lost a measure of muscle mass, and felt that I appeared rather sickly. This has not dissipated entirely, as I still feel slightly weak and nauseous as though I am coming out of a long-lasting flu.

The site this afternoon, prior to showering. Still a bit dirty, but the nipples are looking better.

After the shower. There seems to be a slight dye still on my skin from the protective yellowish film applied during surgery.

The left nipple.

The right nipple.


~ by geekbynature on July 9, 2009.

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  1. Looking good man! 😀 Its fun to notice the small changes as our bodies heal huh?

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