Day 177

2.24pm About six months along. Today was my fourteenth injection.

It is odd to me: It seems that my voice, slowly, gets increasingly higher during the days before my injection; and then, almost instantaneously, it drops several octaves following the shot. As such, I have made a habit of recording all voicemail messages and calling everybody on the day or day after my injection.

Physical observations of late include this morning, when I happened to regard, startled, that my eyebrows are thicker. I had considered this occurring prior to T; but I must say I had forgotton about such a small change until it was to actually be noticed. Upon further inspection, it was to be observed that my facial hair, after lazily neglecting to shave for over a week and a half, is beginning to grow along my jawline, just below it, and down my neck. Several long, individual hairs populate the area near my Adam’s apple that have been there since the first hairs came into being; but now it appears to be growing in a more naturally male pattern: That is, all over.

Also, my acne has returned after a short hiatus. Lovely.

A new voice clip from today is up.


~ by geekbynature on April 14, 2008.

One Response to “Day 177”

  1. I can understand the cherished position that new whiskers can hold…

    …But please tell me you’re not growing a neckbeard. D:

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