Day 156

10.22pm It is now one week following my thirteenth injection.

The previous Monday from today, being the day of my shot, I was kept awake from 2 o’clock in the morning until shortly before 7; unable to move, breathe or certainly sleep due to the excruciating pain clawing at my abdomen. It is a fact I have come to know in the past that such pain is somehow increased 10-fold on testosterone. Yesterday, I began bleeding; and today I experience the first genuine period since November.

As such my mother, who as a mother is magically capable of making anything better, has arranged for an appointment today with Dr. P; where presumably I will get blood drawn. The previous appointment, being last week, was cancelled due to my being sick — a timely occurrance — and was originally rescheduled for mid-April. It is now quite clear, however, that the levels are too low; as they should be at their peak about now.

In other news, next Sunday we leave for the IFGE conference. Excitement!


~ by geekbynature on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “Day 156”

  1. i am sorry you’re in so much pain!!! that sucks big time! 😦

    if i could afford to travel to IFGE, i would. enjoy!

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